all we want is discount palmistry

There has been a lot:

Six weeks or more of literal/figurative laying about in a charming synthesis of injury and illness. 

Embarking on a rad-as-fuck 1001-day writing project.  

Seeing two of my acting heroes in person on stage in a play by a favorite playwright - one of the most elegant and understated displays of acting prowess I've ever seen. 

Breathing in night beaches through a stuffy nose while visiting my Diana in LA. 

And, among other things, a haircut.

A haircut I've been wanting to get ever since I concretely decided to "grow it out". I tried to try my hand at marketability, but I got antsy. I'm addicted to change. And this cut makes me feel a bit less like vibrating right out of my own skin. It fits like it's always been there. So that's good.

There's more to say. There's always more to say. But for now, here I am: brand new and exactly the same.

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  1. Hi! Hello!

    Just sayin I responded to your comments cos blogger doesn't notify ppl!

    Tho omg the reply for my last post is like essay length, longer than the original blog post itself!! Not sure how that happened :S


    p.s your new hair cut is the cutest thing :3